Tips to Keep Your Newborn Baby Clean and Healthy

Tips to Keep Your Newborn Baby Clean and Healthy


A baby is always a welcome addition to a family. A baby is called “a bundle of joy” because that is what truly a baby is: an unquestionably reason of celebration and joy in any home. Along with babies are the many and special considerations of baby grooming to consider. This can cause anxiety to first time parents dealing with their first born with regard to the delicate baby hygiene.

A child’s natural immune system needs occasional contact with germs in order to function well. Newborns are given some protection through the antibodies they get from breastfeeding. This is not enough however, to protect a baby from every germ that will be encountered in their young, fragile life. A germ encountered for the first time may cause a baby to be ill.

It is important to practice baby hygiene to keep babies happy and healthy. Special care and attention given to certain areas such as the umbilical cord or circumcision are part of maintaining good baby hygiene to ward off infections. Aside from your discussions with your baby’s health care provider, below are basic instructions for baby hygiene.

Body and Hair

A newborn baby doesn’t necessitate daily bath. Repeated washing of the baby’s skin can make it dry more so in the winter. Experts advise two to three times per week bathing and that it is best to sponge bath babies until umbilical cord and circumcision areas have completely healed. Face and diaper area however, are very important part that require frequent washing.

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By the time your baby learns how to crawl, it is important to give the hands and feet extra attention where hygiene is concerned. Bathing may also be increased to daily as they get more and more active. Gentle formulas are best for washing baby’s hair especially those that come in tear-free formulas.


It is not unusual to see baby’s skin peel during the first few days but this is no reason for worry; it is not dryness that is causing it but the change it the surrounding. Use unscented and mild soap when washing your baby’s skin so you don’t cause any skin irritation to your baby.


You might wonder if babies suffer from acne when you see small pimple-like appearance on your baby’s face. This is normal. Just keep the skin moisturized by using mild and unscented lotion to help the condition which normally goes away on its own.


You will observe that compared to yours, your baby’s nails are softer but do not ignore this. They may be soft but are sharp enough to scratch your baby’s delicate skin so trim the nails down when your baby is asleep using scissors with blunt tip.


Baby hygiene is very important because this practice is something they will carry on in life. So start early not only to keep your child healthy but also as a good foundation and training so that they will adopt the habit as well. Your baby’s lessons start with basic hygiene that is observed at home.

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