Tips For Bringing Your Dog on a Family Road Trip

Tips For Bringing Your Dog on a Family Road Trip

Are you planning on bringing the dog on your next family road trip? New surroundings and long trips can be stressful for dogs and cause excess excitability or other undesirable behaviors. Follow these tips to make the trip a successful one for the entire family.

1. Get your dog used to being in the car by taking him on a series of short trips. Talk to your vet if he exhibits signs of motion sickness or excessive excitability as these can often be treated prior to the trip.

2. Have your dog in a properly fitted collar with current id tags for the entire trip. Have a designated spot in the car to store a leash and always bring two – just in case one gets lost or broken.

3. Bring a recent photo of your dog, a copy of his shot records (including rabies vaccination date) and a copy of his identification just in case your get separated.

4. Always bring your dog’s regular food and try to stick to consistent feeding times. No experimenting with new treats or food while on a road trip.

5. Use a special car pet restraint or kennel your dog while in the car. It is dangerous to leave your dog loose in the car as they become flying objects in the event of an accident.

6. Rest areas are noisy and confusing, which can scare even the best dogs so keep them on a leash at all times. Either take your dog on a brisk run/walk around the grounds or find dog parks where you can let them run off-leash.

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7. Never leave your dog unattended in a hot car – even for just a minute. The interior temperature of a car can reach lethal temperatures within a matter of minutes.

7. Your dog will need a long walk each morning and evening of the journey.

These tips will help your family road trip with the dog be a successful and fun adventure.