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Sign That You Are Losing Yourself In Your Relationship

When you meet someone you love it is possible to take some of their characteristics. Sometimes it is possible to begin taking some of their likes and dislikes. However there is a need to provide even in a long-term relationship you remain you. As much as you begin sharing your likes and dislikes it is essential to have a separate identity. Without that you may end up creating a different you from the old person before you met your lover. If you are not sure you are becoming this kind of a person, read on to make sure you know where you are.

You may find that you are all about us, but nothing for me. Many people will love talking about themselves but there also others who can make sure they say everything else but they have no time to use the word me. If you are constantly stating about we and have nothing at all about me, that could be a sign that you are lost in your relationship.

You will also know that you are losing your identity when you begin tolerating things that you would not stand before. Things you would not have before meeting your partner. You also need to find out whether you are shifting your morals from you could not stand to being able to tolerate now. It may look normal to you but it is never ok to tolerate things that are not ok. Whatever happen and however much you are drawn to the other person choose to keep what is right.

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Another sign that your relationship is making you lose your identity when the stuff for your partner is more important than yours. When you move in together, find out whether what you have brought in your new home has anything that was ours before. If you have not brought in anything that used to belong to you before, it means you are considering your stuff as less important than that of your partner. It is also important to find out whether you are just agreeing to everything automatically. It is not every time people agree to everything automatically.

You can also understand when you are not holding to your identity when you know there is no me time as far as you are concerned. Even people who think that they are an extra extrovert, need some time for themselves. If you feel you do not need such a time, you may be moving towards losing yourself t your relationship. You should make sure you schedule some time for you alone. That is what will help you hold on to your personality.

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