The Bali Island

The Bali Island

Bali, one of the most popular islands in the archipelago of Indonesia, is among the thirty-three provinces of the Republic of Indonesia. This is the most well known tourist destination; people visit this island from all over the world. A perfect holiday spot is what it can better be known as. Bali has been ranked as one of the world’s best island by several International Travel Magazines. Life in this beautiful island can be termed as “Tri Hita Karana” or a concept that includes relationship between God, environment and human being. This is considered to be the spiritual relationship between the three. Still many people are not aware of the beauty and exceptionality of Bali island and its culture. The culture of Bali is growing with the faster pace and is moving ahead with globalization. The civilization of Bali makes it much different and unique from the other destinations. With the increasing number of tourist there is rapid in the tourism industry of Bali.


Island Bali has a tropical monsoon climate, where the sun shines brightly throughout the year. The weather is usually pleasant with and the temperatures usually being between 20 to 35 degrees Celsius.


Bali province is separated into 9 regencies, out of which there are 8 regencies and 1 municipality.

Flora & Fauna

Bali the tropical island attracts the people from all over the world with its large variety of Flora and fauna. One can find the gigantic banyan trees everywhere in the villages.

People & Life Style

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The island have the population of around 3,000,000 people. The people of Bali are fun loving and friendly, visitors can have great time and amusement in this island of Indonesia.

How to get to Bali

traveling to Bali becomes very easy as there are direct flights available for this small island. One can reach Bali with least inconvenience and have great time over there.


The economy of Bali is dependent on the hospitality industry. Most of the jobs are available in the southern part of Bali.

Local Transportation

Traveling in Bali is quiet convenient due to the good mode of transportation, one can move from one place to another without any inconvenience.


Bali has a rich and long cherished history, this small island of Indonesia has been in existence since the ice-age era. The island is known for its dynamic characteristics and beauty. The visitors can have an unforgettable experience on this land of diversity.