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Joining a Kids Science Fair

The kids science fair that most schools have every year can be a really fun and enjoyable activity. It is a great way for children to show what they have learned and what they can do. Many children and teachers come and work together to arrange a great science fair every year and the occasion sometimes includes a majority of the town! This makes it one of the best places for a new student to meet new friends and get into the groove of going to a new school.
Whether your child is a new student or have been going to the same school for some time, joining the fair is still a great place to make friends. There are many other benefits for joining the fair, though. Usually it leads to extra credit for students, better understanding of science concepts, and it is a good venue for parents and teachers to meet, update and converse. The biggest benefit, of course, is the possibility of winning the fair, and with that comes a great accomplishment which a student can add to their college applications.
Every kids science fair has rules that participants must follow when it comes to their science project, especially if they are entering the project into the contest. Some children do join the fair, but choose not to enter the contest because contest rules can restrict project ideas. When encouraging your child to join the kids science fair, make sure you both understand the rules very well. Playing by the rules is one step closer to winning, and it also challenges both your imaginations to come up with a good project!
Make sure the project your child submits to the fair has a touch of originality. These days, judges want to see that children really put thought into their project and so old projects or copied projects are usually given less points unless the child has added something unique to it. Tweaking the idea of an old project or simply making it better is already one way to show originality. This is also makes it easier for your child to join the kids science fair the first time around because they would not have to think too hard about what science project to create. You can create a project you got online, and then just add an original element to it!
Finally, do not let your child give up. Chances are that no matter how hard your child worked on their project they are not going to win the kids science fair the first time they join. Make sure that your child is not too disheartened. Remind them that there is always next year, and they can always try again then!…