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What Services Are Provided in Hospice?

The services provided by hospice are interdisciplinary and are structured as per the needs of the patient. The services which are provided for any patient are a combination so that the patient is given as much comfort as possible. These services start with nursing care and go on to bereavement support for the family.
Nursing care has registered nurses who monitor the patient’s medication as well as the symptoms and keep the family and the physician informed. They are the link between the family and the doctor in keeping track of what is happening.
Apart from nursing the patient, as well as the family, also need a counselor. Social workers are there to advise, as well as counsel, the family on various aspects of end life decisions and help the family to access the resources which they need. Here again help is provided to the family to access any kind of aid and even to make funeral arrangements.
A doctor’s services is also available so that the personal physician and the hospice team doctor can consult on the best way to keep the patient comfortable. What is of utmost importance during the end life support is spiritual support for which clergy or any other counselors are made available.
If the patient is at home, there are services provided, wear trained personnel are sent to keep the patient well- groomed and clean. Personal care like bathing, washing hair and even trimming the hair, shaving and clipping and cleaning the nails is done. Sometimes help is also provided for preparing a meal or light housework.
There are volunteers with the hospice team who provide respite to the care givers so that they can have a break for a while. This is very necessary for the family member. Anyone who has taken care of a sick family member knows that in taking care of yourself, you will be better for your sick family member. Finally, there is help for arranging the funeral and also for bereavement.…