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An Overview of the Safety First Baby Monitor

Part of the preparations made for the arrival of a baby include finding a monitoring device that will provide the kind or system parents need. The Safety first baby monitor provides parents with a way to provide the attention to their baby during sleep that it needs. Parents are able to perform daily activities or sleep while the monitor stands vigil over the baby and provides an alert if parents are needed.
Infants and babies require many supplies when preparations are being made for their entry into a household. Often the items automatically purchased include bedding, clothing, toiletries, etc.. However, having a monitoring system will prove invaluable to the time the infant or baby is first brought home.
The monitors are discrete and when the baby begins to crawl and grab cords and other objects on the ground the safety first baby monitor will give off an alert to parents who may be in another room. By removing items that a baby can pull down from a dresser or table, parents will further protect the baby when they are exploring their environment.
Many new infants seem to lie perfectly still. Parents sometimes cannot tell if they are breathing and become alarmed. With the use of the safety first baby monitor parents are kept assuring that all is well with their baby. The receiver has a 900MHz frequency that is providing clear audio from up to four hundred feet. The receiver is small and light. It can be clipped on the clothing when one is performing other tasks.
The transmission of the safety first baby monitor has been set on a channel that is not often in use. This reduces the interference in audio. There are alerts on the monitor that a parent can set in addition to the standard alerts provided.
The monitor provides clear audio at all times. When the baby is sleeping and one is not sure if it is breathing, the baby first is monitoring the movement of the infant and when it stops moving an alert starts to sound. Babies often lie very still and one cannot tell visually if they are moving and breathing. This makes many video monitoring devices less effective.
The safety first baby monitor varies in price based on what types of features that one wishes to include in the monitor. Some of the monitors include sensor pads that fit snugly under the baby’s mattress and contain a motion sensor. If the baby doesn’t move for twenty seconds an alarm is sounded so that parents can check their baby. The monitors also can be set to detect motion in the nursery when the baby begins to crawl and explore the room.
Ensuring the safety of an infant and baby is one of the most important tasks that new parents have. Making sure that the baby is secure even when sleeping can greatly reduce the stress of the first few weeks that a baby is home. Using a safety first baby monitor, the parents can be assured that they will be alerted if there is any unusual event taking place in the nursery. They will be alerted when the infant needs to be fed at night by an alarm that will sound when the baby begins to move or fuss. This will allow a parent to sleep more soundly than trying to use an alarm clock to wake up for three o’clock feedings.…