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Examples Of Emotional Abuse In Relationships

It’s impossible to compare examples of emotional abuse with those of physical abuse. Both are beneath contempt. A classic example of emotional abuse has been televised a lot lately. This poor lady put her life on hold so that her rat of a husband could put himself through Law school.
Then he decided to have an affair with his secretary. When his wife found out, all he yelled at her was that she had become ‘fat and ugly.’ This secretary started to send her samples of skin toner and other beauty products so that she might make herself look young again. That, and any number of insults over the phone and through the post.
In the end, she snapped and shot the pair of them. She was put in prison for God knows how long, and the Law should hang its head in shame.
But other examples of emotional abuse are when the husband starts trying to isolate you from your family and friends. This is why it’s so vitally important to really know the person you’re marrying. Keep your eyes and ears open around their friends. Are they popular? Well liked? How do they interact with their own family? And, more importantly, with your own family?
Be ready to listen when a friend or family member has misgivings. Listen to them carefully and ask them why. Instinct can play a very important part of recognizing faults in someone that you yourself can’t see, or won’t see, because you’re just too close. Even the best preparations don’t ready you for what your partner’s really like.
We’ve mentioned this business of alienating you from friends and family. As soon as he starts this caper, you must take a strong stand. One thing he may try to do is to withhold money from you. Now before you marry, this matter of an allowance for you, or however you intend him to pay you, should be thrashed out exhaustively.
The chances are, though, certainly in the first few years of your marriage, you have a job. So for the time being, the financial subject becomes moot. He may well tell you, in a disdainful tone, that you’re out of shape and need to go to the gym. Tell him he’s no bowl of roses himself.
It’s so important that you stand up to him. He’s a bully by any other name, be he knocking you about physically or trying to undermine you mentally. If you simply let him walk all over you, this he’ll do with the greatest of pleasure.
He may decide that he’s no longer interested in you sexually. That’s a relief, you say, because you no longer have to be intimate with him. He may complain about your cooking. Simply tell him that he has money in his pocket. He can go out and eat what he likes.
The long and the short of it is to counter every bad move he makes on you with one of your own. These characters only succeed when their victims don’t fight back…