Stressed Because You’re Falling Behind?

No-one said life was easy, and no-one certainly said life was fair. Everyday we leave the house with a fairly good idea of what the day will bring. A�Sometimes those days can seem overwhelming, especially if some unforeseen situation arises. Many people have panic attacks and freak out at the thought of trying to cope with all of their responsibilities. Juggling children with work or personal goals and relationships, it’s never easy to allot the appropriate time to everything you need to do, and do it all with the least amount of stress.
Have a plan. If you’re one of those people that have a million and one things to do in a day, then plan your day out. Keep yourself on that schedule. Everything in your day should be planned out, from breakfast to the gym, to time with your kids or partner. When you live a busy lifestyle you need to plan down time too. It’s very important for your well being. Having a plan will reduce your stress because you will have thought things through as to what you can reasonably accomplish. Sticking to that plan will ensure your day runs smoother.
Be realistic. Sure it’s great to have lofty expectations. But you can’t lie to yourself. You and you alone know what you’re capable of achieving. I’m not saying don’t push yourself, but don’t put yourself in a position where you end up stressing yourself out with unrealistic goals. Be good to yourself. Be true to yourself, and you’ll achieve much, much more in the long run. Life isn’t a sprint. It’s a marathon. Don’t beat yourself up trying to keep up with others. Half the time it’s a smoke screen anyway.
Don’t get caught up in doing other people’s responsibilities. You can’t do it all.A� Why should you? You’re taking responsibility for yourself, and so should others. There’s time to help, then there are times when you should stay focused on your task at hand. Realize that sometimes you’re not doing someone a favour when you actually do their work for them. You’re not doing yourself a favour either because you’re not focused on you, which will set you back and disrupt your schedule.
Persevere. Stick to your plan. Don’t allow the voices in your head to talk you out of getting things done. You get tired, and feel lazy; maybe it’s too hot outside. But you must continue to ensure you put yourself in a position of winning. Falling behind will only stress you out more. It may be hard work to stick to the plan, but the sense of accomplishment and the satisfaction of being orderly will relieve your stresses, and make you feel empowered to live another day.
Elliot Zovighian is the owner of EZLifestyles and is a personal coach, writer, speaker and father from Toronto Canada who is committed to helping those live easier, happier lives.

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