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Basis as to Why Teens Are Been Obsessed with Juul Cigarette

Sometime back, it was so cool for teens to sneak into the school compound to smoke cigarettes, there is a specific type of the e-cigarette known as the vaping Juul that teens and adults use. There are high cases of teens using the e-cigarette; the most commonly used e-cigarette is the Juul choice. There are reasons as to why teens are been obsessed with Juul e-cigarette this include the following.

One the reason is the Juul is discreet. The juuls e-cigarette is discreet and easy to use hence the teens can hide from their parent since they do not want their parent to know that they are using the cigarette.

The other factor is that you can Vape inside. The teens the smoke the Juul Vape and exhale clean vapor this is because it does not smell thus it hard to detect them when smoking, there is also safety hence no one can know thus Vape in the bathroom and classroom.

There is the reason for inhaling all the nicotine without a cig smell. The cigarette has a strong smell that somebody else can know you are smoking at a distance but with the Juul, you will inhale all the content without any cig smell thus nobody will know or detect.

There is the basis of cool flavors. There is a better opportunity to explore in a different flavor of the Juul e-cigarette this is because it has variety and teens like to explore.

There is the basis of a nice buzz. There is a great experience and feeling of a nice buzz when vaping and smoking Juul since unlike other e-cigarettes, Juul has a high content of nicotine.

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There is the basis of Juul been better that cigarette. The Juul help the cigarette addicts to quit smoking and this helps to reduce the health risks and problem, it is healthier to smoke the Juul Vape rather than smoking cigarette due to the high risks.

Easy to hide is another factor. The Juul is small hence you can hide it easily even in inner pant hence you can go with it anywhere without been seen or detected.

There is the factor of high nicotine dosage. It is fast to get the steam of the Juul faster due to high nicotine level.

There is the factor of affordability. The Juul Vape is not expensive can afford without the parent noticing when they using this product.

The Juul have a classic design and appearance that is unique and teens like the classic look since it is modern, cool, sleek and classic in nature thus it has the perfect design for the teen.