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Natural Remedies for Colic

Colic affects many babies and results in sleepless nights for the parents, as well as the affected baby. Parents often find the uncontrollable, persistent crying traumatic. No parent wants his or her child to be in pain and the high-pitched crying for between three hours and three days can be very distressing. The baby may draw up his knees or arch his back and neck, showing abdominal pain or discomfort that appears to have no apparent cause.

Babies generally experience colic between the first two weeks after birth until about three months of age. Colic is an unexplainable and uncontrollable crying for more than three hours a day, more than three days a week, for three or more weeks. Babies will usually cry the most in the afternoon and evening hours. While it is not a disease, colic is distressing for both the baby and the parents.

Doctors do not know for sure what causes colic, but the following suggestions are commonly accepted:

Allergic reactions;

An immature digestive or nervous system;

Air in the stomach and digestive tract from crying or feeding;

Acid reflux; and


The symptoms for colic can vary from baby to baby, but include:

Abdominal bloating;

Trapped stomach gas;

Acute gastric and intestinal pain;

Intense and prolonged periods of crying;

Sleeplessness and exhaustion (for both parents and babies); and

Fussiness or irritability.

There are many natural and home remedies that can help soothe your fractious infant and can alleviate the agony caused by a colicky baby. Try a few of these remedies to see which ones help your child.

Chiropractic Care

Newborn babies have an immature digestive system that has not processed food and the gastrointestinal system develops muscles to move food efficiently through the digestive tract during the first few months of life. Infants nervous systems are also immature, so it is possible for babies to become overloaded with unfamiliar sights and sounds. This is why a baby will rarely settle in a strange environment, compared to their familiar cot.

Chiropractors always work on the nervous system, providing clear passages for the nerves to work properly. The stress of birth, a prolonged labour, or tools used during labour or a caesarian section, such as forceps, can create minor misalignments in your baby’s spine, which connects every nerve to the organs in the body and the brain. Even if you cannot tell your baby has problems, a trained and qualified chiropractor can help your baby with colic. In one clinical study, colicky babies that received chiropractic care experienced 80 per cent improvement within a few days, while babies that received no chiropractic treatment experienced longer bouts of colic. Babies who had received a series of gentle chiropractic treatments were noticeably less likely to experience colic in the future.

Chiropractors will use light finger-tip pressure on a baby and minor adjustments can make a big difference to how your baby’s body functions. Chiropractic care is a completely safe and natural treatment that will help your baby to recover from colic and could prevent future bouts.

Herbs and Oils

Fennel, peppermint, chamomile, ginger, aloe, blackthorn, caraway, and lemon balm are popular home remedies for babies suffering from colic. You can often find these herbs as oil extracts, so it is easier to give to your baby. A few drops of oil such as peppermint oil can aid digestion, provide gas relief and help your baby to get to sleep.


Gently massaging your baby’s back or tummy could help your baby to recover from colic quicker. Massage may help to treat the cause of colic, by helping to get the bowels moving, releasing gas, and reducing stomach cramping.


Regularly burping your baby before, after, and during feedings will reduce the amount of air going to the stomach or intestines of your baby. As you are feeding your baby, you should stop every few minutes to burp your baby for a minute or two.

Hot Water Bottle

A hot water bottle wrapped in a towel may provide comfort to your baby. Place the hot water bottle next to your baby’s tummy, as the warmth may help soothe your baby’s colic.

Fish Tank

Strange though it sounds, some parents have found that keeping a fish tank in the baby’s room provides a continuous soothing sound as bubbles rise to the top of the water through the filter. This can help your baby to relax and reduce the severity of colic.

Avoiding Certain Foods

Breastfeeding mothers can avoid certain foods that may increase the likelihood of colic for your baby. Foods that commonly produce gas in adults, such as cruciferous vegetables, contain trace elements that can pass via the breast milk to the baby and cause gas and abdominal bloating. Lactating mothers may like to avoid dairy products, chocolate, caffeine, …

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Dating and Relationships – Many Problems Often Result From Being in a One Way Relationship

Dating and Relationships – Many Problems Often Result From Being in a One Way Relationship

It is well known that women more often that men, get caught up in the pitfall of giving too much, too freely. Unfortunately in the stream of life, it is also well known that the more you give in the more the other takes and this does not help any relationship. People do not really profit from being loved too much.

On the other side of the coin if a women does not know how to receive the love she needs, a need to be needed and loved contributes to giving more than the relationship is allowing for growth. It is extremely important that both people need to accept the responsibility for any change necessary rather that to be preoccupied with changing the other.

Most of the time in an unhealthy relationship, one of the factors that requires being addressed is blame. Unhealthy blame focuses on what happened in the past instead of on the future and any change that may be needed. It provides an excuse for not accepting any responsibility for a change in the future that could help the relationship to grow. A more healthy blame will point out responsibility for change which will uncover truth about both people and how they relate with each other which ion turn allows for a clearer road in the future.

If you are in a relationship that is all give and no receive then it is time to take a step back and re-evaluate what it is that makes you happy and require that your partner become a contributing part of the relationship the two of you are in. Keep in mind that the person who loves less becomes less and by allowing this between the two of you only enables them to continue down that dead end path. Do not continue to believe that your unending, unconditional love will ever make the situation better. Learn to expect love back and require that the person you are involved with behaves in a mutual way.

also keep on mind that a one way relationship is not exclusive to a male female relationship. It can apply to a family or co-worker situation as well but tend to be more prominent and recognizable in a dating or marriage setting.…

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Septic Tank Systems – How to Maximize Your Resale Value

Septic Tank Systems – How to Maximize Your Resale Value

Septic tank systems can affect the resale value of your home. A poorly functioning septic tank system can lower the value of your home and drive away potential home buyers because they may not want to deal with the expense and time it will take to fix or improve the septic system. If you are looking to maximize the resale value of your home, there are a number of things you can do to improve the septic tank system.

Septic Tank Pump: Before you begin bringing potential home buyers to your home, you should have the septic system pumped by a professional to get rid of accumulated sludge that can cause the septic system to stop working properly. You should also have the system inspected to make sure there are no problems with the system such as leaks, damaged pipes, poor mechanical . If there are any problems, you should get them fixed before you put your home on the market.

Consider Acquiring a Sewage-Ejector Systems: These systems use the septic tank system to collect waste water using the help of gravity before it is pumped out. The advantage of Sewage-Ejector Systems is they allow homeowners to keep water fixtures such as sinks, toilets, and showers at a normal floor-level which maximizes comfort and space

Maintain Your Drain Field: Make sure you have properly cared for your drain field. This includes keeping tree roots and shrubs away from the drain field to prevent clogs and damage to the drain field. As well, do not drive or park vehicles over the septic system because it will compact the soil in the drain field. It can also cause damage to the tank, pipes, and other septic system components. Keep sump pump drains, roof drains, and other surface water drainage systems away from the drain field because it can cause flooding of the drain field which can affect the treatment process and even cause waste water to backup in the plumbing system. Drains such as floor drains, garage drains, roof , should be routed away from the home and drain field.

Septic Tank Care: There are a number of things you can do to keep your septic tank in good working order. Regularly adding bacterial additives will increase the digestion and breakdown of sludge, bio-solids, and scum. You can also install an effluent filter. This is a filter that is installed at the septic tank’s outlet. The benefit is that it will improve the quality of effluent discharged into the drain field. Sand and Wood Chip Filters are two types of effluent filters. They are placed between the septic tank and drain field bed to improve the quality of the effluent discharges that go into the drain field. Aerobic Treatment Units are another good choice. These devices are installed either before or after the septic tank. Air is pumped into the waste to boost aerobic microbe activity. A mechanical pump is used for aeration. The benefit is that it improves the quality of the effluent and extends the drain field bed life.

Whether you plan to sell your home or you just want to maximize its value, it is important to consider improving the septic system. A properly functioning septic system will definitely please potential home buyers and increase the resale value of your home.…

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Tips in Getting Health Insurance for a Child

Tips in Getting Health Insurance for a Child

One of the heaviest things weighing on the mind of any parent is the safety, well-being and health of their child. This is one of the reasons why getting health insurance for a child is becoming more popular every day. This is important because parents get to hit two birds with one stone. On one hand, they can feel more assured regarding the medical safety of their children and, on the other hand, they can also help cut down on the expenses incurred when their child needs medical attention. After all, medical treatment can be very expensive without the help of a good health insurance provider. Medical check-ups and treatments are a very common affair for many children, and parents will sleep better knowing that their children will have access to all the medical care that they need.

One of the biggest challenges a parent can encounter when looking for health insurance for a child is how to find an affordable plan. Many parents will want proper coverage that suits the needs of their children, but most are also working on a budget. Thus, a balance is needed where a plan can secure the future of a child’s health while, at the same time, falling within the budget constraints of the average parent. Although finding a plan that works can be troublesome, it is far from impossible to accomplish.

New plans are popping up each year that are specifically designed to target the medical needs of children as well as the financial worries of their parents. Parents may opt for an individual plan which can be acquired from a wide variety of PPOs and HMOs. Interested parents can look at these individual plans to see if they can work for them. Low-income families can also avail of insurance for their children from government-sponsored bodies. There are certain qualifications that must be met to avail of the plan; and once qualified, parents can now review their options. Individual health insurance plans from private companies are often more expensive than other options, but offer children solid protection and benefits.

Another more affordable alternative to individual plans is to opt for a family health insurance plan or a group plan. This costs a lot less money and may still serve the needs of your children while falling within the family’s budget. Health insurance for a child need not be a difficult matter, and there are other more versatile options out there to choose from.…

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Family Tips for Saving Money

Choosing The Graco Duoglider For Your Children

For one small child a single stroller was fine but if you have baby number two or twins on the way you will need to look into getting a double stroller. One double stroller you can consider is the Graco Duoglider. Graco is known for its quality of product and design. This stroller has features you will want to have.
The Graco Duoglider is designed with a back and front seat. It takes up less space when going through doorways than a side by side model. It measures about twenty inches from side to side. You want to be able to get around with the children with as much ease as possible. The Graco stroller fits this bill.
When the little ones are just infants they can also use this stroller. Both the front and back seats allow the use of the SnugRide infant car seat. Babies cannot ride in a normal stroller seat until they have more neck support. You need to be able to clip an infant car seat into a stroller. This stroller is designed to do just that.
When they are no longer in the infant car seats the children will enjoy their ride in the regular stroller seats. The seats are able to recline to allow the toddler to rest. The children also have foot rests and the front seat has a tray and cup holder. The back seat is elevated so the child can see up and over the front seat.
There are also design items that are made for parents. There is a tray made to hold cups or smaller items like keys and cell phones. These make things easier for the adults.
The Graco Duoglider is easy to get in the car. It is collapsible with the one hand. This is an important feature since the other hand is usually full. Any parent knows that packing kids in the car can be a challenge. Anything that can make it easier is a blessing.…

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Veteran’s Aid and Attendance Pension

Veteran’s Aid and Attendance Pension

The Veteran’s Aid and Attendance pension is available to a Veteran, his spouse, or surviving spouse if at the age of 65 and are in need of care. It is not for everyone.

How do you qualify? 5 areas are looked at.

1. The Veteran needed to serve 90 days active duty and one day during a period of war. We will need to see the Veterans DD-214 military separation papers to determine this.

2. There has to be a need for care. We will look at their health related issues to determine whether they will qualify backed up by a Physicians statement.

3. An expense for care. They will need to be paying out of pocket for their health care expenses.

4. Income is looked at which usually is Social Security, retirement, pension, rental income, Long Term Care Insurance etc. If for a married couple it is combined income.

5. Assets which include cash in the bank, CD’s, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, whole life, IRA/401K, a second home, property, a family trust etc. The home you live in or your automobile does not count.

If I am living at home, how do I qualify?

If your spouse is caring for you, you are not able to count this as an expense for care. If you have a child coming in to care for you and you are paying that child for care, you may qualify. If you are paying out of pocket for a caregiver to come in you may qualify.

What is a caregiver’s contract?

A caregiver’s contract is a contract written up between the person being cared for and the family member who is the caregiver. The contract explains all the duties being performed by the caregiver for the loved one with an hourly amount and a price is attached to the hours. We usually base the hourly amount at $20 an hour which is what a home care agency would charge on an average. The contract is signed by the caregiver and the loved one.

What is an Irrevocable Health Care Trust?

This is a trust that is better served for those who are at the end of their rope. Irrevocable meaning you are not able to change the trust. This trust is there to protect your aging loved one.…

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How to Choose a Holiday That Works For All the Family

How to Choose a Holiday That Works For All the Family

Does this sound familiar? You want to play Golf on Holiday, but your wife wants to work on her tan and be pampered while the kids want to hit the beach with all the water sports.

If that describes your family what you need are beach family holidays that have great Golf courses close at you considered Spain, particularly Andalucia Spain’s southern region with its 350 mile coastline that takes in many famous resorts such as Malaga and Torremolinos. 

There are three international airports serving this piece of coast, Malaga, Almeria, and Murcia San Javia.  The best way to find the vacation for you is to first set your budget, and then start your research.  You can search on Google for “beach holiday for family” or “best family beach vacation” and get an idea of what the area is like, then visit a couple of travel agents and collect brochures for the resorts that interest you.

You can also research the Golf courses that are available, There are over 50 on this coast, within easy reach of the beach resorts. Some of the courses are owned by resort complexes that also offer accommodation and country club facilities for  family golf vacations 

With the recession  vacation companies and travel agents need your business, use this to your advantage and haggle, tell one travel agent that the other has “given you a better price for the holiday you want, what can he do?” if you do this  You can find a cheap family beach vacation  To recap:  Which is the best family holiday resort for you is based on your budget, and where in the world you want to visit, but for great value and loads of sunshine Spain has a lot to offer  So whether you decide on a  family resort holiday , a family beach holiday or a family golf holiday I am sure that you will find what you are looking for in Andalucia.…