Make Planning Family Events Easier With a Group Messaging Service

Make Planning Family Events Easier With a Group Messaging Service

Family reunions are awesome. They are a wonderful chance for family from far and wide to gather together and reconnect, but they are a LOT of work for the people who organize the event. The sheer number of phone calls that must be made and emails that must be sent during the planning process is simply overwhelming and the task of making sure they get to all of the right people can be extremely time-consuming.

There is, however, a way that family reunion organizers can trim the time they spend on such communications: by registering for a group messaging service. Such services are sometimes called emergency notification services. That is because one of their most popular uses is to help reunite families after a disaster.

The same group messaging services that helps to reunite loved ones can also help you in planning your family reunion or other family event. Here is how it works.

Normally, if you were the organizer of a family reunion, you would have to call or email each family member with every update and new bit of news about the event. With a group notification service, you can simply make one phone call, send one email or even just shoot off a simple text message to the service and the rest will be handled for you.

You simply need to add each family member to your contact list. You will need to include each person’s contact information, such as phone number and email addresses. Once your list is in place, you can quickly and easily disseminate information from anywhere. For example, if you have just a few minutes layover in the airport, you can simply call the service with updates about the reunion. That’s it! Your job is done. Then the group notification service will send your message to every person on your list.

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You can add and delete people from your contact list at any time. This type of service is also great for planning all types of events such as:



Birthday parties

Anniversary celebrations

And many more!

Imagine a busy bride-to-be being able to notify all of her bridesmaids about a schedule change with just one simple phone call. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to send a last minute address correction to three dozen people who were coming to a surprise birthday party? That is exactly what is possible through the use of group messaging services.

Such services are surprisingly inexpensive, and they can be customized to meet your specific needs. As mentioned above, you can add or delete names from the contact list at any time and with almost no effort you can get important messages out to everyone on your list.

If you will be planning a family reunion or any other type of event, consider registering for a group notification service. Doing so will help to lighten your load and will let you focus on the tasks involved with planning a great event, rather than with getting all of the details out to the proper people.