Jewelry Making With Video on Demand – Family Activity

Jewelry Making With Video on Demand – Family Activity

It is not snowing outside, and you are not sitting by a warm cozy fireplace. During the winter months we associate doing many indoor activities because of the inclement weather.

Welcome to summer or in my case – Florida. It is hot and the humidity too high to be doing any type of outside activity. Welcome air conditioning. It is a good time for jewelry making; a quiet and calm activity working with cool to the touch beads.

Are you a family person? Beading is a wonderful family activity, an excellent way to keep children occupied yet learning a new skill. Both you and family members can turn on the video on demand service and learn from a professional jewelry instructor in the privacy of your home.

This activity where the children can see and witness that you too continue to learn new things sets a modeling example for eduction. The boys can enjoy this activity as much as the girls.

You and the children will enjoy:

Surrounding yourselves with the beauty of beads

Feeling of pride and accomplishment with finished jewelry projects

Learning a jewelry craft

Making jewelry gifts for upcoming special occasions and holidays

Earning part time or full time income

A new art career

Benefits of learning jewelry making from a home study course delivered by video on demand are:

An affordable method of attending classes

The least expensive method to make handcrafted beaded jewelry

Making expensive gifts for less monies

Getting one-on-one education

Learning at your own pace

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Learning on your convenient time schedule

Repeat the video as often as needed

Easier to learn than analyzing patterns and diagrams

Advance from beginners to advanced levels as you desire

Classes are not always available in your community

One extremely important benefit of learning from video on demand is attention to detail. Jewelry making is close work within the area of the palms of your hands and fingers. The camera is able to zoom in and give you an incredibly detailed picture at the work site as to what the jewelry instructor is showing in its optimum detail.

In public classrooms it is difficult for the instructor to show details and for students to attempt seeing the details. Because of these instructional challenges in crowded classrooms you are not able to learn about more complex jewelry making projects. Video on demand instruction is excellent for seeing intricate details.