How to Choose a Holiday That Works For All the Family

How to Choose a Holiday That Works For All the Family

Does this sound familiar? You want to play Golf on Holiday, but your wife wants to work on her tan and be pampered while the kids want to hit the beach with all the water sports.

If that describes your family what you need are beach family holidays that have great Golf courses close at you considered Spain, particularly Andalucia Spain’s southern region with its 350 mile coastline that takes in many famous resorts such as Malaga and Torremolinos. 

There are three international airports serving this piece of coast, Malaga, Almeria, and Murcia San Javia.  The best way to find the vacation for you is to first set your budget, and then start your research.  You can search on Google for “beach holiday for family” or “best family beach vacation” and get an idea of what the area is like, then visit a couple of travel agents and collect brochures for the resorts that interest you.

You can also research the Golf courses that are available, There are over 50 on this coast, within easy reach of the beach resorts. Some of the courses are owned by resort complexes that also offer accommodation and country club facilities for  family golf vacations 

With the recession  vacation companies and travel agents need your business, use this to your advantage and haggle, tell one travel agent that the other has “given you a better price for the holiday you want, what can he do?” if you do this  You can find a cheap family beach vacation  To recap:  Which is the best family holiday resort for you is based on your budget, and where in the world you want to visit, but for great value and loads of sunshine Spain has a lot to offer  So whether you decide on a  family resort holiday , a family beach holiday or a family golf holiday I am sure that you will find what you are looking for in Andalucia.

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