Home Church Can Teach Children to Grow As Disciples

Home Church Can Teach Children to Grow As Disciples

Home church is he best way to teach children the basics of living. The mind of a child is ready to receive information. The family environment creates information for the child. The child will store this data bank of information for a long time. Most of this information will play an important role in their behavior and character.

They will react to events as adults from this database. The mind is like a computer. What goes in is what comes out. If you feed garbage, you can expect garbage results. In computer terms, we call it ‘GIGO’ to denote ‘garbage in garbage out’.

We designed our computer programs after a study of how human mind works. It works logically. It works logical deductions to arrive at a solution. This is important in the development of childhood. The behavior you see as an adult is simply a reflection of the GIGO system. The family and the home church is the best atmosphere to feed the right stimuli to the child.

If you teach the child values at home through love, it will retain those values. The atmosphere of learning is as important as the content of learning. If the education was hostile and unpleasant, the information that mind gathers how ever good or true may have a negative effect on the information.

The home church can teach the children in a loving manner any truth and the child will respond very positively and live it out later. If you teach the truth in a military style and punishment environment, he or she will react negatively. This will affect their behavior.

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The child may act destructively. Also, know it is wrong. Yet will act in a sadistic way to get pleasure in doing the opposite. The Home church can avoid such bad effects of the father and mother by them obeying and walking in the word of God.

How can the home church contribute here? The family environment of the mother and father is very important in the development of childhood memories. If the father loved the mother, that information has a good and positive experience, and will store as such.

If the father was hard, demanding, abusive, and angry to the mother, the child will retain l as a negative unpleasant memory. This will have an effect on the behavior of the as an adult. The home church will remedy this by the father learning the biblical expectations of a father and husband through his study of the bible.