Facts About Babies Most People Don’t Know

It is a widely understood fact that babies are adorable. They wear adorable and funny looking clothing. There is no other stage of life when a person can wear loudly patterned clothing without having to deal with snide comments. Some think that being a baby is super simple. The majority of the population seems to think that babies are fully formed adults except for their inability to speak in complete sentences. Babies are actually quite complicated and have very distinct needs and very unique abilities. Here are a few things that you might not already know about babies.
Usually, by the time a woman realizes that she has missed her period; her fetus’s heart is already working. A beating heart is usually completed (at least rudimentarily) by twenty one days of life. Many women do not learn that they are pregnant until right around this time. If you ever wanted an excuse to be fascinated by babies the fact that it only takes three weeks to build a beating heart would probably do the trick! Think about the heart you have as an adult; isn’t it amazing that it could be created so quickly?
Did you know that not all babies are born toothless? Other babies have to wait longer than usual and won’t see any teething until they are almost toddlers.
Teething is one of the things new parents dread the most. Don’t spend a lot of energy worrying about how your child’s teething schedule compares to other children. Each baby is different and develops at his or her own pace so, even though you might have had three kids who started teething at six months, that doesn’t mean that your newest baby will start at that time.
A baby learns how to communicate physically before he or she learns to communicate verbally. This is why so many parents swear by the “Baby Signs” program. These parents teach their kids how to sign for things like food, drink, diaper changes, naps, etc and it makes it a lot easier for babies to communicate what they need. Communication skills of adults who were taught physical communication style before verbal communication style are better than those who were simply taught how to talk as young kids. Experts are constantly making strides in early childhood development. Things that we believe as true in this moment could be proven to be myths ten minutes from now. Given how fast our knowledge expands, is it surprising that so many people think that a person’s infancy is incredibly confusing? With a little effort anyone can keep up with all of the new discoveries being made. Babies are more than humans in the larvae stage. Babies’ needs are very specific. All mothers and fathers need to know how to communicate with their kids. You should do everything you can to learn how your baby will develop. The better your understanding, the stronger your parenting skills will be.

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