Dating and Relationships – Many Problems Often Result From Being in a One Way Relationship

Dating and Relationships – Many Problems Often Result From Being in a One Way Relationship

It is well known that women more often that men, get caught up in the pitfall of giving too much, too freely. Unfortunately in the stream of life, it is also well known that the more you give in the more the other takes and this does not help any relationship. People do not really profit from being loved too much.

On the other side of the coin if a women does not know how to receive the love she needs, a need to be needed and loved contributes to giving more than the relationship is allowing for growth. It is extremely important that both people need to accept the responsibility for any change necessary rather that to be preoccupied with changing the other.

Most of the time in an unhealthy relationship, one of the factors that requires being addressed is blame. Unhealthy blame focuses on what happened in the past instead of on the future and any change that may be needed. It provides an excuse for not accepting any responsibility for a change in the future that could help the relationship to grow. A more healthy blame will point out responsibility for change which will uncover truth about both people and how they relate with each other which ion turn allows for a clearer road in the future.

If you are in a relationship that is all give and no receive then it is time to take a step back and re-evaluate what it is that makes you happy and require that your partner become a contributing part of the relationship the two of you are in. Keep in mind that the person who loves less becomes less and by allowing this between the two of you only enables them to continue down that dead end path. Do not continue to believe that your unending, unconditional love will ever make the situation better. Learn to expect love back and require that the person you are involved with behaves in a mutual way.

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also keep on mind that a one way relationship is not exclusive to a male female relationship. It can apply to a family or co-worker situation as well but tend to be more prominent and recognizable in a dating or marriage setting.