Beach Lovers – Five Ideas For Fun in the Sun

Beach Lovers – Five Ideas For Fun in the Sun

The sun, the sand, and the sea – what’s not to love about the beach? Everyone looks forward to summer where we can have an excuse to wear our sexiest swimsuit and just laze around the beach staring at hot bodies. Swimming at the beach is the favorite activity of course – with waves riding down on you and maybe even swimming contests with your family and friends.

Now, to make your stay at the beach even better, there are tons of activities that you can do to double the fun. Here are some things that you can try with your family and friends.

Bonfire parties – The warmth of the bonfire will truly warm you and your friends as well. Add to that roasted marshmallows and lots of stories to share – then you are truly for some fun at the beach. This is the perfect place for people to just relax and dance and play music and basically just have fun. Have your own happening party not in some expensive club but just at the beach side where everyone can drink, dance, and feel the breeze.

Throwing Frisbees – Ultimate Frisbee or Extreme Frisbee are fun to do with family and friends. You can play around with the game – just have fun with it. Or if players are competitive, you can make it a competition in your group. Have dogs? Get them in on the fun for some hilarious moments.

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Sandcastles – Everyone’s favorite activity turns everyone into little kids again – well, because it is something people have enjoyed doing at the beach since probably they first learned how to walk. From simple castles to elaborate ones, you will definitely not notice how time flies when you’re building sandcastles.

Picnic – barbeque parties at the backyard are made more special when you bring them to the beach. Sharing grilled food with the family in a very casual and fun setting really is a break from the ordinary. The breeze at the beach makes it perfect for games, small talks and just lazing around while eating your favorite food.

Water Sports – To bring out your sporty and adventurous side, try different water sports. Jet ski, parasailing, windsurfing – are just some things you can try. Remember that like any other sports, it is important that you learn the ropes and the safety guidelines first. Bring a volley ball and have a beach volleyball party with friends. Do not forget to capture these activities through photos and videos. It will remind you how much fun you have had.

So have a fun day at the beach – where everything goes, literally, under the sun.