Baby Bassinet Or Crib – Which is Better?

Baby Bassinet Or Crib – Which is Better?

A baby is a very precious gift. You want your baby to be well-cared for in those first few months of their life. They need to feel close to their mommy and daddy. All children need that warmth and nourishment to start on their journey in life.

If you’re not sure to start out using a crib or bassinet, here are a few tips on the difference between the two:


A bassinet is a piece of furniture that often baby sleeps in from birth until approximately four months of age. It is small enough that an infant might actually think they are still in their mommy’s tummy. A mother might often wrap up her baby to feel closer to his/her mommy. A bassinet could be kept next to mommy’s bed so that when baby needs to eat she is right there and will not have to get up and rush to the next room to attend to baby. There are many advantages to using a bassinet.


A crib is usually set up in a separate room but can often be put in the parents’ bedroom. Some cribs can often be converted into a toddler bed as the child grows out of the crib. A toddler bed is often used when the baby gets a little bigger. He/she might be around four months of age when they transition into a crib. Mommy might elect to use a crib and just have a baby monitor beside her bed so that she can hear when baby cries. A baby might not feel as close and snuggly as he/she would in a bassinet. Remember, baby has just been born and they need to feel as if he/she is close to their mother.

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I hope you have found this to be helpful when it comes time for you to make your decision on a bassinet versus a crib.