Autumn Activities For Kids

Autumn Activities For Kids

Autumn is such a fun time of year. Nice weather and so many fun things to do. If you have kids there are many things to do besides picking out a Halloween costume. If you need some ideas read the following list of fall activities.

-Take a trip to a local apple orchard. Have the whole family pick apples and have a picnic.

-Use some of the apples from the orchard to make apple pie, have your kids help you make it.

-Go to a pumpkin patch. Take cute pictures and let your children pick their own pumpkins.

-Carve and/or paint pumpkins you got at the pumpkin patch. Carving pumpkins can be hard and messy so if you have small children painting may be easier.

-Go to a corn maze. You may want to stay with your kids so nobody gets lost and confused.

-Go to a haunted house, depending on how old your children are. Haunted houses are great for kids that are older. Don’t take your young child to a haunted house unless it is age appropriate.

-Rake leaves and then use some leaves for leaf engravings. Put paper over a leaf and rub a crayon over it. Your kids will love this activity and it’s a way to get them to help clean up the yard.

-Make a scarecrow from old clothes and stuff it with leaves from the yard. You can even use a pumpkin as its head. Put the scarecrow on your porch for everyone to see.

-Enjoy pumpkin-pie, pumpkin coffee, pumpkin muffins because it’s the only time of year to get them. Go to a store or bakery to get some, or make them yourself.

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-Decorate your house for Halloween and fall. Use construction paper, crayons, paint, stickers, etc. You and your kids can make your own decorations and put them up in the windows and around the house. Show your love for the fall and make your house look trick-or-treat ready.