Are Door Bouncers For Babies a Good Idea?

From the moment they are born babies do many things. Among the most important of course is to grow and develop. As a good parent you want to do your utmost to ensure your precious little one grows healthily and develops properly. Play and physical activity is without doubt an extremely beneficial part of all this.
However, one of the biggest drawbacks for young babies is their lack of mobility until they reach the crawling stage. They become bored, fractious and frustrated and for you the long suffering parent, what is the answer?
An infant bouncer. This simple child activity device is a padded harness suspended in a doorway to allow your child to bounce up and down as they touch the ground with their feet. The baby door bouncer not only provides exercise and stimulation for the child but help strengthen growing legs, bones and muscle in preparation for when baby is ready to walk. The greatest benefit of all for baby ‘s a lot of FUN!
Music is also a great stimulus for babies and often you will note your little one excited and moving to the sound.
Try placing your tot in a baby door bouncer and playing some music. Without doubt both baby and you will find this is an extremely enjoyable experience to share. Take photos or better still take precious video because this is a not to be missed opportunity.
Of course some people may have safety concerns. but you shouldn’t have. These bouncers for babies have been proven to be safe and many thousands are sold every year. While they are simple and quick to install, literally hooking onto an existing door frame, you must of course follow the fitting instructions.
These devices are NOT substitute baby sitters and you must NEVER leave baby unattended in one. Although they can provide stimulation and exercise they should only be used for a maximum of twenty minutes per day as your child’s bones are still developing and must not be overstressed.
Would I use one? Yes, all three of my children spent time bouncing like little Tiggers as babies and loved every second of it. There is no doubt in my mind, your little one will love it too!

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