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Examples Of Emotional Abuse In Relationships

It’s impossible to compare examples of emotional abuse with those of physical abuse. Both are beneath contempt. A classic example of emotional abuse has been televised a lot lately. This poor lady put her life on hold so that her rat of a husband could put himself through Law school.
Then he decided to have an affair with his secretary. When his wife found out, all he yelled at her was that she had become ‘fat and ugly.’ This secretary started to send her samples of skin toner and other beauty products so that she might make herself look young again. That, and any number of insults over the phone and through the post.
In the end, she snapped and shot the pair of them. She was put in prison for God knows how long, and the Law should hang its head in shame.
But other examples of emotional abuse are when the husband starts trying to isolate you from your family and friends. This is why it’s so vitally important to really know the person you’re marrying. Keep your eyes and ears open around their friends. Are they popular? Well liked? How do they interact with their own family? And, more importantly, with your own family?
Be ready to listen when a friend or family member has misgivings. Listen to them carefully and ask them why. Instinct can play a very important part of recognizing faults in someone that you yourself can’t see, or won’t see, because you’re just too close. Even the best preparations don’t ready you for what your partner’s really like.
We’ve mentioned this business of alienating you from friends and family. As soon as he starts this caper, you must take a strong stand. One thing he may try to do is to withhold money from you. Now before you marry, this matter of an allowance for you, or however you intend him to pay you, should be thrashed out exhaustively.
The chances are, though, certainly in the first few years of your marriage, you have a job. So for the time being, the financial subject becomes moot. He may well tell you, in a disdainful tone, that you’re out of shape and need to go to the gym. Tell him he’s no bowl of roses himself.
It’s so important that you stand up to him. He’s a bully by any other name, be he knocking you about physically or trying to undermine you mentally. If you simply let him walk all over you, this he’ll do with the greatest of pleasure.
He may decide that he’s no longer interested in you sexually. That’s a relief, you say, because you no longer have to be intimate with him. He may complain about your cooking. Simply tell him that he has money in his pocket. He can go out and eat what he likes.
The long and the short of it is to counter every bad move he makes on you with one of your own. These characters only succeed when their victims don’t fight back…

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Tips on Getting Discount Plumbing Products

Tips on Getting Discount Plumbing Products

A plumbing problem such as a clogged drain or toilet is always an irritating problem for a homeowner. Fortunately, there are a number of plumbing problems that a homeowner can fix without having to hire a plumber. For instance, clogged drains and toilets and mild leaks that are not a symptom of a bigger problem, can often be easily repaired. For this reason, every homeowner should have a basic plumbing tool kit in the event they encounter a minor plumbing problem.

There are low cost basic plumbing products that homeowners should include in their toolkit. These products can be purchased at a plumbing supply store and hardware store. You may also find these tools at a department store where you can often get a really good price. For instance, for clogged drains, there are inexpensive drain plungers that can be used to clear drain clogs. There are also toilet plungers that are used for clearing clogged toilets.

Plumbers putty is another product that should be included in a tool kit. It is useful for sealing small cracks and holes in pipes, toilets, . A plumber snake is another tool that is useful if the toilet plunger is not clearing the clog. There is a special sink auger that is used specifically for sink drains, and not the sewer line. Both the plumber snake (toilet auger) and sink auger contain a long flexible cable and is fed through the pipe. As well, pliers and a pipe wrench are essential for dealing with a plumbing problem. They are important for holding pipe fittings when soldering, and unscrewing and tightening nuts, screws, and washers. It is important to remember that different pliers and wrenches are used for different plumbing repairs. You want to make sure that you do not use the wrong tool and damage the plumbing mechanisms.

Plumbers tape is another important item that should be included in a home plumbing repair kit. This tape can be used to wrap the threaded plumbing joint connections. It is effective at stopping and preventing minor links in the pipe connections. It is also used to prevent sewer gas from escaping from the threaded joint connections. It is a very inexpensive product. Another important item that a homeowner should have is a flashlight. A flashlight will allow the homeowner to see in dark and small places.

There are many plumbing issues that require mild repair that often can be performed by a homeowner. These items can be purchased at affordable places in a wide variety of stores that carry home renovation and repair supplies at greatly discounted prices. If there is a serious plumbing problem which requires repair by a person who has experience with plumbing systems, it is important to call in a professional plumber. If you try to fix a problem and create more damage, you will likely end up with a much higher repair than if you had just called the plumber. They have the education, certification, and experience to handle all plumbing issues and will be able to make the repair in a professional and skilled manner.…

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The Best Price for Babies’ Swimwear: How to Avoid Being Ripped Off

Trying to buy children’s swimwear is a real challenge and when you’re shopping for babies’ swimwear, that challenge becomes even more difficult. As a general rule, children grow rapidly and it seems like the smaller they are, the faster they grow. The natural impulse might be to look for the least expensive piece of babies’ swimwear you can find because you may end up buying a larger size by the end of the summer. However, it is essential that you figure out how to balance quality with price. Here is a four step method that will help you do it:
1. Look for the UPF rating on the label. The number one concern parents should have about quality when purchasing baby swimwear or toddler girl or boy swimwear is whether the suit provides any protection against the sun’s harmful ultraviolet radiation. Read the labels or the descriptions of the suits to find out what the ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) is on them. The highest rating is 50+. Suits that do not say what the UPF is probably provide little, if any protection against the sun.
2. Check the materials the suit is made of. The label should also tell you what kinds of materials were used to manufacture the suit. A blend of nylon and Lycra is probably your best bet for baby or toddler girl swimwear because it will keep her protected and wick moisture away so that she doesn’t get cold.
3. Shop around and find at least three options at different stores. The easiest and fastest way to do this is to buy baby swimwear online. You can have the sites of several stores up at the same time so that it’s easy to do a side by side comparison. As you’re comparing prices, sun protection and UPF, a clear winner will begin to emerge.
4. Look for other ways to save, whether it’s with a coupon or free shipping. Retailers almost always have some kind of sale going on but it is easy to overspend by simply not being aware that there is a money saving coupon available.
Getting the best price for baby swimwear is simply a matter of doing your homework rather than jumping at the first cute swimsuit you see. Your little one may even outgrow her suit before summer ends, so take that into consideration while you shop. Anyone can find the best balance between quality and price if they just put their mind to it.…

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The Number One Way to Stop an Argument!

Arguments happen. There are times when you, or a family member, are feeling attacked, threatened, not heard or understood and as a result you (or they) become defensive and reactive.

So what do you do when you want someone to hear you, or do something, and they are just not listening or cooperating?

Yell, scream, cry?

That may get you heard, may even get results, but not really the best way to get your needs met (and certainly something you don’t want to model for your children). These behaviors cause hurt and fractures in the relationship. You may win the argument and get your way, but you may harm the relationship by doing so.

Stuff it all down and figure ‘why say anything, it’s always the same’?

That will only cause you to feel disconnected and unfulfilled by not allowing the other person to realize your feelings. You disrespect yourself, and your needs, when you do this behavior, and sadly it comes out in other ways (addictions, eating, anger blow ups, depression, etc)

So how do you stop an argument?

Remain Calm. Yup, pretty simple and oh so effective! By remaining calm you stay in control of your feeling and thoughts do not default to reactive behavior. By remaining calm you can listen to what it is YOU need and also hear the other person point of view, even if you absolutely disagree.

So how do you remain calm in the storm of an argument?

There are many ways, some of these may work for you:


Say you need 10 minutes to calm yourself down and then you’ll come back to discuss it more

Set a boundary that it’s not OK for the other person to yell, and you’ll listen if they talk in a way that you can hear them without yelling

Listen without interrupting the other person

Ask yourself what you need right now and respect that

Detach from being “right”

Look at the person with love and compassion.

There is a saying I’ve heard, “When you have the choice between being right and being kind, choose kindness”.

Look at disagreements as opportunities to strengthen the relationship, allowing for different points of view and a mutual respect of each others opinions.

You can use the art to explore how you typically respond to arguments and disagreements. Often when people do this they see a pattern from their childhood of how they responded to disagreements in the past. Make a commitment to be aware of your patterns and shift how you respond.…

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Scenario: Missing Family Member

What Should I Do?
When discovering that a loved one is missing, the feelings of devastation and loss are hard to overcome. By following the simple steps below, you will gain some control in locating your missing loved one. Do not hesitate to seek outside assistance because, often, the missing will be returned safely and unharmed if you take action immediately. Avoid doing nothing because this action (no action) could present more danger for your missing loved one.
1. Don’t panic! You need to be clear headed to consider your actions, options and resources.
2. Gather recent photos and dental records, if possible.
3. Write down the date of disappearance and a description of the missing person; height, weight, color of eyes and hair, age and birthdate, birthmarks and other identifying items; scars, tatoos, rings. The clothing the missing was wearing could also be important. Worn clothing can provide DNA. Even interests and talents could be helpful in locating your missing person.
4. Write down names, addresses and phone numbers of people who the missing was with the last time they were seen and where the loved one was when they disappeared.
5. If a child or adult has just wandered away from home, you need to call law enforcement and/or an agency who can help you do a physical search immediately.
6. Now report your missing loved one to the agencies who can help you. There are many organizations who can help. Do not try to bear this crisis alone. You need some outside support for your sanity and assistance.
7. If internet savvy, check the missing’s email communications. Amber Alert, Porchlight International, Peace4 The Missing, The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, the Runaway Switchboard are just some of the internet and public organizations which can help. Most of these organizations offer service for free. You could publish information about your missing family member on Squidoo, Blogger, Twitter, Facebook, My Space and any other social networks, also free.
8. Stay busy and avoid unnecessary worry. Worry increases your stress level which may be a detriment to locating your missing person.
9. Report any new communications from or locations of the missing to the selected advocate or law enforcement agencies.
10. If your missing person was a runaway and has since returned home, please visit and direct your loved one to some of the organizations which can help the person avoid future disappearances. These services are especially directed to teens and free.
Operation L.A.P. Foundation, Inc., aka Wisconsin Center 4 Missing Children & Adults (WCMCA) is an organization ready to help you. They will do physical searches. Their services are free and they are a registered 501(3)(c) charity. The organization is completely staffed by unpaid volunteers. If contacted as 1st responder, WCMCA will even report your missing loved one to your local law enforcement and act as your liaison, coordinating the search. WCMCA has helped 100’s of families.…

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An Overview of the Safety First Baby Monitor

Part of the preparations made for the arrival of a baby include finding a monitoring device that will provide the kind or system parents need. The Safety first baby monitor provides parents with a way to provide the attention to their baby during sleep that it needs. Parents are able to perform daily activities or sleep while the monitor stands vigil over the baby and provides an alert if parents are needed.
Infants and babies require many supplies when preparations are being made for their entry into a household. Often the items automatically purchased include bedding, clothing, toiletries, etc.. However, having a monitoring system will prove invaluable to the time the infant or baby is first brought home.
The monitors are discrete and when the baby begins to crawl and grab cords and other objects on the ground the safety first baby monitor will give off an alert to parents who may be in another room. By removing items that a baby can pull down from a dresser or table, parents will further protect the baby when they are exploring their environment.
Many new infants seem to lie perfectly still. Parents sometimes cannot tell if they are breathing and become alarmed. With the use of the safety first baby monitor parents are kept assuring that all is well with their baby. The receiver has a 900MHz frequency that is providing clear audio from up to four hundred feet. The receiver is small and light. It can be clipped on the clothing when one is performing other tasks.
The transmission of the safety first baby monitor has been set on a channel that is not often in use. This reduces the interference in audio. There are alerts on the monitor that a parent can set in addition to the standard alerts provided.
The monitor provides clear audio at all times. When the baby is sleeping and one is not sure if it is breathing, the baby first is monitoring the movement of the infant and when it stops moving an alert starts to sound. Babies often lie very still and one cannot tell visually if they are moving and breathing. This makes many video monitoring devices less effective.
The safety first baby monitor varies in price based on what types of features that one wishes to include in the monitor. Some of the monitors include sensor pads that fit snugly under the baby’s mattress and contain a motion sensor. If the baby doesn’t move for twenty seconds an alarm is sounded so that parents can check their baby. The monitors also can be set to detect motion in the nursery when the baby begins to crawl and explore the room.
Ensuring the safety of an infant and baby is one of the most important tasks that new parents have. Making sure that the baby is secure even when sleeping can greatly reduce the stress of the first few weeks that a baby is home. Using a safety first baby monitor, the parents can be assured that they will be alerted if there is any unusual event taking place in the nursery. They will be alerted when the infant needs to be fed at night by an alarm that will sound when the baby begins to move or fuss. This will allow a parent to sleep more soundly than trying to use an alarm clock to wake up for three o’clock feedings.…