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Families That Eat Together Experience Improved Health

Families That Eat Together Experience Improved Health

In North America today, obesity has become the national health crisis. It has risen to near epidemic proportions not just amongst adults but also amongst children. Many households are so busy with work, school and childcare responsibilities that the notion of having a regular family meal together has all but gone by the way side. Because of this, more and more families eat meals out either in fast food establishments or other restaurants and it is estimated that the average family spends more than 40% of its disposable income on restaurant meals of one sort or another. This practice has become so prevalent in North American households that a family meal is most often relegated to a holiday dinner or some other special occasion. As the children move into their teenage years, this becomes even an even more common practice.

Studies indicate that families that take most of their meals out suffer more negative consequences than just those associated with poor nutrition. Eating most meals away from the home leads to markedly poorer overall health and poorer nutrition. It is also leads to higher risk for obesity.

Trying to convince busy working parents of this notion in such a way that will encourage them to take more time planning weekly menus, grocery shopping and preparing family meals has been a difficult process for physicians and dieticians alike.

Recently, research scientists at Rutgers University began looking at this issue with a goal of developing a model that could be implemented to teach parents about the importance of sitting down with their family for a meal. They looked at reports on 68 previously published studies that had looked at the relationship between children’s health and whether or not the family regularly had family meals together. They looked closely at how often those family meals were occurring and what kind of food was being presented at them and consumed by the family members. They were trying to determine if families who sat down for a family meal together on a regular basis had lower obesity rates when compared to those which did not have family meals together regularly.

At first glance at the literature, they determined that children who had regular family meals had higher intake of three important food groups: fruits, vegetables and calcium-rich foods. They also noted that these children consumed more fiber in their diets. Additionally, the more often a family ate their meals together, the less frequently children consumed food items that are considered harmful to a person’s health. They found only a weak link between obesity risk amongst children who ate more family meals but they noted that those children tended to have much lower body mass index levels than those that did not.

From this research, the scientists were able to develop a simple to understand conceptual image which presents their findings in a way that is easy to understand.

The scientists were able to glean a great amount of valuable information which can be used to teach parents how to make better decisions when it comes to the food choices they make for their families. Although many people already know most of this information intuitively, most do not have the time or education needed to interpret scientific reports of this nature. They instead rely on headlines which are broadcast through the media which detail individual studies many of which do not accurately present the information which is contained in the study. The Rutgers University scientists hope that their study of the way in which family meals and children’s health is impacted and their creation of a user-friendly image which summarizes their findings visually will eventually lead to health interventions which benefit many children.…

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Tips To First-Time Parents – Things To Store In Your Diaper Bag

It is normal for first-time parents to feel a high level of excitement towards having their first child because being a father and a mother would be a life-changing experience. They would love to shop for the essential needs of their baby and may even buy various stuff online, such as a diaper bag backpack on Amazon, toys, and clothes as well. Sometimes, we cannot also stop the grandparents from buying unnecessary things because they would like to pamper and welcome their grandchild, which is a common way to show how happy they are.

Indeed, you are lucky to have such wonderful grandparents because we cannot also accept the reality that some parents cannot experience this due to some misunderstandings in the family. However, this is not a reason to feel bad at all so you have to fill your child with love and care, where he won’t need to feel empty inside. In this way, he will be raised without negativity and when that happens, his life will be normal and no unwanted behavior will be observed as he grows old.

I supposed you know that every baby will always be an angel that’s why they are loved even when the mother is still carrying her in the womb. Now that he is already out in this world, his parents are very happy to take him to different places and they don’t mind carrying this diaper bag wherever they go. But as first-time dads and moms, do you even know what you should store in those bags because I bet some of you may bring even the unnecessary items, while others may also forget the important ones?


You may want to breastfeed your baby when you know that it is time for his milk but doing this in a public place might also make you feel uncomfortable so you should prepare his feeding bottle, lukewarm water, powdered milk, and cereal. I know that breastfeeding is the best and as first-time moms, the feeling that other people can see a part of your chest might be awkward. Don’t worry because you can always store this in a baby bottle and feed your baby, though there are time limits so don’t let it wait too long – visit to know how formula differs from breastfeeding.

Just make sure that you can store them properly because you won’t want to feed your child with spoiled milk. Always remember that formula milk must not be mixed with water because you have to do it only when needed and this will also spoil when not consumed right away. That’s why you have to use a diaper bag backpack with ample rooms to fit all those essentials.

Diapers and Wet Wipes

Sometimes, you cannot notice that the diaper is already filled with pee that’s why you were not able to change it immediately. You should also expect that he may have to poop so you should prepare wet wipes to clean him and a paper towel just in case things gets too messy. It would be ideal to bring extra diapers because we cannot also count how many times your baby needs to change and pretty sure that you don’t want to keep him wet or smell stinky.

Do not forget that you need to maintain the softness of his delicate skin. Therefore, I suggest you bring baby powder and petroleum jelly for his rashes or when you notice that the skin is turning red due to the diaper. Sometimes, you may have to switch brands, too, and make sure that he is not allergic to fibers.

You may also need a changing pad or towel because you can’t just lay him down on any surface. In this way, the chances of acquiring bacteria will be minimized. As parents, you have to be more careful, especially when you are outdoors.


I guess you are very excited about the baby’s day out and pretty sure that you have chosen his best outfit since many people will look at him. Well, this is a given because we always want our children to look great. Parents are just too proud of their child that’s why we provide them nice clothes but do not forget that they cannot use them for a long time so you might want to keep their outfit and save for your future son or daughter.

Keep in mind that you should let them wear an outfit that suits the occasion and proper for the weather as well. These babies have sensitive skin and putting on a fabric that makes them feel too hot won’t be good when it is summer. When the weather is cold, you have to make sure that he will wear something that can make him feel …