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2010 Chevrolet Optra is Chevy’s Family Face For the Family Saloon

2010 Chevrolet Optra is Chevy’s Family Face For the Family Saloon

Like an adopted child that is now confirmed as a member of the family, the Chevrolet Optra sheds its three-section Daewoo grille, and gets a new chromed Chevrolet ‘face’ to make it part of the family. It is to Pininfarina’s credit that the Chevy ‘bowtie’ actually looked quite at home on the original Optra, and as it was only sold as a GM-Daewoo model in Korea and certain European markets, most of us were none the wiser of its Daewoo origins.

More importantly, as the launch model for the Chevrolet brand in Singapore two years ago, its handsome Italianate lines and solid build quality helped to ensure that the American brand gained a strong foothold in the market place. It is no coincidence that in every dimension, the Optra is almost identical to the Toyota Corolla Altis, the car to beat in this segment.

While the new grille helps to make it look more like a Chevrolet, it also cements GM’s commitment, not just to its Korean operations, but also to its Southeast Asian production plant based in Rayong, Thailand. Of the three Optra models sold here, the Station Wagon and Optra5 hatchback are built in Korea, but the sedan is made in Thailand. This explains why the Korean models received the new family grille before the sedan.

The Optra’s new front end is the most visible upgrade, but the gear ratios have been raised to make the Optra cruise quieter with better fuel efficiency. The E-TEC 1.6-litre engine remains unobtrusive, but loses out to the best Japanese engines for smoothness and refinement. It continues to be a well-built car, and the fit and finish show no signs of it being of Korean/Thai origins. In fact, there is a very European feel to the Optra, from the well-weighted powered steering to the German-style quality of the dashboard grain. The zig-zag transmission gate and the blend of wood and metal surfaces are also very European.

The Optra, as well as the rest of the Aveo range, is a rare success story for GM, and is being used by the American giant to gain a foothold in the major Asia Pacific markets. It is sold in China as the Buick Excelle and it has just been announced that Holden will be selling it as the Viva in Australia. GM has definitely gained from bailing out Daewoo from bankruptcy, a far cry from some of its less successful American ventures, such as the US$1 billion spent on the now defunct EV1 electric car programme, or the setting up of the Saturn factory in Tennessee, which continues to bleed the company nearly 20 years on.

With things looking grim for GM in Europe as well, perhaps it really is no surprise that the Optra has been given a new face, and is so warmly embraced by the GM family.…

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Tips to Keep Your Newborn Baby Clean and Healthy

Tips to Keep Your Newborn Baby Clean and Healthy


A baby is always a welcome addition to a family. A baby is called “a bundle of joy” because that is what truly a baby is: an unquestionably reason of celebration and joy in any home. Along with babies are the many and special considerations of baby grooming to consider. This can cause anxiety to first time parents dealing with their first born with regard to the delicate baby hygiene.

A child’s natural immune system needs occasional contact with germs in order to function well. Newborns are given some protection through the antibodies they get from breastfeeding. This is not enough however, to protect a baby from every germ that will be encountered in their young, fragile life. A germ encountered for the first time may cause a baby to be ill.

It is important to practice baby hygiene to keep babies happy and healthy. Special care and attention given to certain areas such as the umbilical cord or circumcision are part of maintaining good baby hygiene to ward off infections. Aside from your discussions with your baby’s health care provider, below are basic instructions for baby hygiene.

Body and Hair

A newborn baby doesn’t necessitate daily bath. Repeated washing of the baby’s skin can make it dry more so in the winter. Experts advise two to three times per week bathing and that it is best to sponge bath babies until umbilical cord and circumcision areas have completely healed. Face and diaper area however, are very important part that require frequent washing.

By the time your baby learns how to crawl, it is important to give the hands and feet extra attention where hygiene is concerned. Bathing may also be increased to daily as they get more and more active. Gentle formulas are best for washing baby’s hair especially those that come in tear-free formulas.


It is not unusual to see baby’s skin peel during the first few days but this is no reason for worry; it is not dryness that is causing it but the change it the surrounding. Use unscented and mild soap when washing your baby’s skin so you don’t cause any skin irritation to your baby.


You might wonder if babies suffer from acne when you see small pimple-like appearance on your baby’s face. This is normal. Just keep the skin moisturized by using mild and unscented lotion to help the condition which normally goes away on its own.


You will observe that compared to yours, your baby’s nails are softer but do not ignore this. They may be soft but are sharp enough to scratch your baby’s delicate skin so trim the nails down when your baby is asleep using scissors with blunt tip.


Baby hygiene is very important because this practice is something they will carry on in life. So start early not only to keep your child healthy but also as a good foundation and training so that they will adopt the habit as well. Your baby’s lessons start with basic hygiene that is observed at home.…

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How to Connect With Long Distant Family Members

How to Connect With Long Distant Family Members

Family is something that can never be replaced and are some of the most important people that you are ever going to know. So it is vital that you spend the time to really connect with the family that you love. This is especially true if you have family in other parts of the world, as it becomes harder to stay in touch and often times you are going to find that you will just lose contact with these family members if you do not try to stay in touch.

So the first step to making sure that you are able to stay in contact with long distant family members is to use the phone and contact them at least once a month, if not more. In modern times phoning abroad costs relatively next to nothing and will help you to really remain in touch, like the two of you have never left each other.

The second way that you can remain in contact with long distant family members is to use modern technology such as Skype and have video conversations with them. Modern technology has meant that we can contact anyone anywhere in the world for free. It does not costs us anything and its amazing how we can have conversations like we are standing right next to each other.

The 3rd way and least personal way is to use email. Although you can’t physically hear or see the person you are still able to stay in touch and speak to each and tell each other what is happening in each others lives.

So start today and make sure that you do not forget to stay in touch with your long distant relations.…

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Learning More About Post-Judgment Modifications for Support

Learning More About Post-Judgment Modifications for Support

Virtually nothing is set in stone when it comes to child support, custody and visitation. The same goes for spousal support with the exception of situations where there was a prenuptial agreement in force. Circumstances change and history has proven that time and again. The family courts bear witness to countless scenarios where ex-couples seek to have their child support or spousal support modified. This process is referred to as a post-judgment modification.

Both parties can file a petition for a modification that can go either upwards or downwards, meaning they can ask to have the amount they pay or receive increased or decreased. Most of the time it is the recipient who seeks to have an upward modification and the non-custodial parent or the paying spouse that seeks to have the amount they pay reduced. In either situation, the judge will make a decision in light of what is in the best interests of the children (where applicable).

What kinds of circumstances warrant a post-judgment support modification? Perhaps a supporting spouse lost his job and could no longer afford to pay spousal support. Or conversely, a stay at home mom might need either more money to pay her bills or she may need to extend her spousal support while she completes college. The ultimate goal of spousal support is to help the lesser earning spouse get on their own two feet so they can support themselves; if they need more money to meet their obligations or for a longer period of time, they might petition for a modification and it may be granted.

Child support is very similar to the above. A non-custodial mother or father may need to adjust the amount of support they pay because something happens to their income. They could have their hours cut or they can become unemployed. Although unemployment is not an acceptable excuse for not paying child support, it can have a significant impact on the amount of the monthly obligation.

The custodial parent may need to petition for an increase in child support. They too can be affected by underemployment or unemployment or their children may have increased needs. This can be illustrated in the case where the child has substantial medical costs or is in need of full time medical care.

Whether you are the recipient of child support or spousal support or if you are the person paying, you have the right to request a modification. The sooner you speak to a qualified family law attorney, the sooner you will be able to get the process moving. Merely getting a court date can take a significant number of weeks; therefore, taking action now will be in your best interests.…

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Your Baby and Sleep Habits

Newborn babies sleep a lot. They typically sleep 14 to 18 hours a day during their first week of life. By the time they are a month old their hours of sleep drops down to 12 to 16 hours. Even though they sleep so many hours, most babies don’t stay asleep for more than 2 to 4 hours at a time during their first few weeks of life. You may ask, why do newborn babies sleep for such short, irregular periods of time? Baby sleep cycles are much shorter than those of adults. Babies spend more time in REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, which is a lighter sleep than non-REM sleep, and is also more easily disrupted. At six to eight weeks old, most babies begin to sleep for shorter periods of time during the day, and longer periods at night. They still will continue to wake up for a feeding during the night. They also have shorter periods of REM sleep and longer periods of deep, non-REM sleep.
Some babies early on get their days and nights mixed up. They are wide awake just when mom and dad are ready to go to sleep. Once your baby is about one month old, you can begin to help him or her distinguish between night and day. When your baby is awake during the day play with him as much as you can. Don’t worry about common household noises such as the television, phone, or washing machine. If he’s sleeping through feeding times, wake him up. At night, when he wakes for a feeding, try not to stimulate him. Keep the lights low, feed him, change him than put him right back into his crib to sleep. Before long your baby should realize that night time is for sleeping.
Establishing a sleep routine for your new baby is very important. How babies sleep is based a large part on habit. Their little bodies use signals that it is time to sleep. Always putting your baby in the crib for sleeping will help signal to him that this is the place for sleep. Keep your baby’s bedtime routine simple. Change them, sing a quiet lullaby, and give them a kiss goodnight. By the time your baby is six to eight weeks old, you can start giving them a chance to fall asleep on their own. Put him down when he’s sleepy, but still awake. If you rock or nurse her at this young age, it will be difficult to change this routine later on.
Creating a secure, comfortable sleep environment; coupled with developing a consistent routine, will help create healthy sleep habits for your new baby.…

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How To Build Solid Family Relationships

… one family, held in the gospel of love…

Who is this one family? What does it mean to be held in the gospel of love? Is this a place every person can expect to reach, or is this a fantasy?

The answers to these questions are at the root of family relationships–relationships that separate a mother from daughter, father from son, and pit one sibling against another. Such relationships have existed since biblical times. They are evident in the “Cain slew Abel” and ” Jacob and Esau stolen birthright” stories. Human resistance to peace, harmony and love is the nature of mortal thinking. It focuses on self-love, self-righteousness and self-aggrandizement.

This article will:

Disclose the identity of one family.

Explain what it means to be held in the gospel of love, and

List key factors that establish lasting family relationships.

The word “family” suggests commonality, sameness, or cohesiveness. defines family as “a fundamental social group in society, typically consisting of one or two parents and their children; a group of persons sharing a common ancestry; two or more people who share goals and values, have long-term commitments to one another and reside usually in the same dwelling place.” As I read each one, I applied the same question, “What does this definition have that keeps one member of the family from saying or doing things to harm another?” The answer? Nothing. If you think I am wrong, ask yourself, ” Has the fact that my sibling(s) and I have the same parents, have common goals and values, live or lived in the same house and have long-term commitments, maintained harmony in my our family? ” I applaud you if you can answer Yes.

The Perfect Man

How is a perfect family defined? What does a perfect family do? For answers, I went to Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures and found that the author, Mary Baker Eddy, says, ” Immortals, or God’s children in divine Science, are one harmonious family; but mortals or the “children of men” in material sense, are discordant and oftentimes false brethren”(p.444). Key phrases to understanding this statement are divine Science and in material sense. If you don’t know what these mean, the statement has no validity.

Divine Science refers to “demonstration of divine Law.” An example of a divine law is “‘unconditional love”– love that remains love under all conditions and situations. An example could be: The male teenager next door raped your six-year-old daughter… do you still love him? Yes! I hear you. You are thinking, “That woman is crazy.” Let’s slow down a bit. There is a difference between loving the act committed by the teenager and loving the teenager! The act is despicable! You say, “But the teenager did it! How can I love him?” You love him by changing the identity of him in your thoughts.

Let’s look at him again with a higher level of thought. There is only one creator, and that Creator is God. All that God created is good. If this is true, the teenager has to be good. If he is good, he could not have committed such an act. If hedidn’t, who did? Looking at the other key phrase, “material sense,” we can identify the person as a mortal, or one who belongs in the category of “children of men.” Children of men have no realexistence (according to the laws of God) because they have no creator. God is the sole Creator and all that He made is good. So, who is this person? He is a false sense of man–a counterfeit of the perfect man. You have a choice of holding the false sense in thought, and feeling hate and pain, or latching on to the perfect man, and feeling goodness and mercy. Which one makes you feel better? You decide. If you decide to hate, does the hate change the human sense of things? Does the act disappear? No! So what do you do?

God’s Power

You use everything in your power to see the perfect man–not for the rapist, but for yourself. .. and your daughter. Why do you do this? Because it activates the presence and power of God! Holding in thought the man who is kind, loving, pure–one who would never hurt anyone, begins to free you from the “I would like to kill him” mentality and generate harmony in your life. You must get there! Is it easy? No! No! No! You get there anyway! Put it in the hands of God, and you will be surprised how everything falls into place. Mercy and justice, even when divine, are not blind. Acknowledgement of divine truth, eliminates human error.

Being able to separate God’s children from children of men, will bring healing in your life. This is …

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Health Insurance Ensuring A Good Health Prospect

Health Insurance Ensuring A Good Health Prospect

There are various options for cheap medical insurance. You’ll always benefit from them when you take time to discover how they work. It’s really imperative to be adequately insured with a reliable company. The vicissitudes and dynamic nature of life make it possible for anything to happen. If you’re not properly insured, you may end up suffering in the long run. Insurance for pre-existing conditions is one of the affordable insurance options that can benefit you and your family. Let’s discuss this.

What is a Health Insurance for Pre-existing Conditions?

This is a unique insurance option for people who are having all kinds of dangerous health conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, blindness, asthma and so on. Oftentimes, people with such conditions are usually turned down when they approach an insurance company for health insurance. However, there are some other companies that offer health insurance to people with such conditions. Some companies do offer such insurance policies after a period of waiting while others do deny that from the scratch.

The Problem with Health Insurance

The problem most people have with this kind of insurance option is that of getting the cheaper options. This is because many insurance companies don’t offer such options to their clients. Other companies that offer such policies usually have high quotes and rates. However, you can always locate affordable health insurance for pre-existing conditions by following the tips below:

Take Time to Shop Around

This is where the secret lies. You need to take time to search for insurance companies that do offer health special insurance for pre-existing conditions. There are many of them online. With the help of the internet, you can easily locate them any moment. In most cases, companies that offer guaranteed Issue Health Insurance are known for helping people with pre-existing medical conditions.

Compare the Terms and Conditions

When you locate various companies that offer special type of insurance, take time to compare their terms and conditions. Some companies have some limits on what they can cover while other may require you to pay an addiction premium. Some others may wait for some period of time before agreeing to accept you in the offer.

Check Group Health Insurance Plan

You can easily obtain cheap medical insurance through group health travel insurance plan. Oftentimes, such group polices like those provided to employees of a company usually accept every member of the group irrespective of any pre-existing conditions. If for instance, you belong to a professional association that is well insured by a reliable company, you may likely be covered irrespective of your pre-existing condition.

Finally, you can also obtain health insurance for pre-existing conditions through your state. Most states in the US for instance have state insurance fund that cover people with some deadly conditions. You only need make proper inquiries.…